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The Bowman Firm, P.C. is the home office of Managing Attorney, Kevin Bowman, an attorney with many years of experience in the area of legal Evictions.  Mr. Bowman's main area of focus is Evictions, and the eviction attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C. can usually be found handling landlord and tenant matters everyday for both landlords and tenants in the local townships of BabylonBrookhaven, Huntington and Islip in Suffolk County, and in the First District Court of Nassau County, located in Hempstead.


Evictions on Long Island are typically handled in the District Courts and local Town Courts of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and they require strict adherence to the procedural rules.  It is very difficult to get through the process without the support of a professional, like the eviction attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C., who understand the process and its pitfalls.  That is why you should contact an experienced Long Island eviction attorney like the ones at The Bowman Firm, P.C.

Two types of Summary Proceedings

Non-payment summary proceeding

This is the option you would choose if you simply want your tenants to pay the money they owe, or get out. The benefit of a non-payment action is that you can get your matter into Court very quickly.  The drawback to the non-payment action is that "if they pay, they can stay."

Holdover summary proceeding

This is the option you would choose if you want your tenants to move out, regardless of whether or not they can pay rent. This usually requires a longer period for your notice.  The benefit is that a holdover eviction is permanent. The drawback to the holdover eviction is that it takes longer to get into Court.

The Bowman Firm, P.C. was founded by Attorney, Kevin Bowman, an evictions lawyer who has been focusing on Landlord and Tenant matters since he first began practicing. As a professional Long Island evictions attorney, Mr. Bowman understands the law and has successfully handled many cases for his own clients, as well as the clients of many other attorneys who trust in his knowledge and experience.


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