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One of the major focus areas of The Bowman Firm, P.C. is traffic tickets.

Many tickets come with points that affect your license, wallet and livelihood. They cause you to lose time at work. They even increase the cost of your auto insurance for years. When you are convicted of enough traffic offenses you could potentially lose your privilege to drive. Sometimes temporarily and sometimes (in some extreme cases) permanently.

If you have been issued traffic tickets and you are in jeopardy of any of the above, we are here to help you. 

The Islip attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C. have had tickets reduced and/or dismissed for many clients in the past. This saves them time, money and aggravation.

Texting while driving

Everyone knows that texting and driving is a problem. It's a terribly awkward combo. Yet people still do it. They are allowing technology to control them rather than vice versa. Because the technology is relatively new, laws have only recently begun to catch up. For some drivers, it's too late. It only takes a couple of seconds to cause an accident by looking away from the road and instead on your phone screen. This is why the police are enforcing the law. Really, who wants to be a victim of texting? Back in the day, it was only the radio knobs that could cause any distraction. Or the person sitting next to you or behind you.

Traffic tickets in Nassau and Suffolk counties have increased in recent years and as a result more and more have been issued by New York State and your local police. Tickets can be very costly, and often include points against your license. Now that cameras at busy intersections are commonplace, an automated ticket for going through a red light is more frequent than ever. Make a right turn on red without stopping? A ticket is coming your way. Follow the basic rules of the road while applying common sense and this could be avoided. If not, it's time to call a traffic ticket lawyer.

Other reasons to receive a traffic violation include

  • Passing through an intersection on a red light
  • Excessive speed
  • Illegal parking in a fire zone
  • Turning right on red at some intersections
  • Failing to make a complete pause at stop sign
  • Abusing the HOV lane
  • Driving at night without all lights operating

Holiday ticket enforcement

New York State Police issued an enormous number of traffic tickets during Thanksgiving weekend 2015. Governor Cuomo stated that over 14k violations were acknowledged. Aside from handing out tickets at various checkpoints for driving under the influence, a small percentage were for “distracted driving.” These measures carried out by law enforcement seek to protect lives on the road during these busy times. If you feel that your traffic tickets should be contested, call a local lawyer in Long Island today.

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