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Whether you are looking for a Legal Separation, an Uncontested Divorce or a Contested Divorce, the divorce attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C. are here to help.

When it comes to the protection of you, your family and your property, the divorce attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C. understand that you want to know that your lawyer will deliver the most effective services possible. The divorce attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C. understand the divorce process and the stresses and anxieties that come from it. Our Divorce Attorneys have helped countless clients in both Nassau County and Suffolk County to manage that stress by focusing our practice on providing the best peace of mind available while protecting our clients' rights. 

So, when selecting a divorce attorney in Nassau County or Suffolk County, the choice is clear!  The Divorce Attorneys at The Bowman Firm, P.C., focus on the two most important goals, which are: 1) addressing all of your legal concerns; and 2) answering all of your questions, so that we can provide you with the information you need to give you the best peace of mind available under the circumstances. 

Here is a very basic explanation of each of the choices available to you, to aid you in deciding which choice might be right for you under your particular circumstances.  

Legal Separation

When you are looking to separate from your spouse, but you have any number of legal reasons for maintaining your marriage, OR you are not sure whether Divorce is right for you, a legal separation might be your best option. 

Uncontested Divorce

When Divorce is what you seek, but you and your spouse have already resolved all the pertinent issues such as Child Suuport, Child Custoday, Maintenance, Division of Marital Property...etc., an Uncontested Divorce might be just the thing you seek.  If this is something that can work for you and your spouse under the circumstances of each of your particular interests, an Uncontested Divorce might just be the most cost effective and the least stressful way of obtaining a Divorce in Nassau County or Suffolk County.


Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse are looking to divorce, but you just can't see eye to eye on certain issues, OR your relationship has broken down to the point that it has become contentious and hostile, a contested divorce is likely your best option.  


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